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Reka Gemesi-Collins

There is more and more access for any U18 athletes in any sports to efficiently improve their sport related and general skills and abilities. The problem usually though that without clear direction and understanding of the exercise movements and how they affect us, their effort could be ineffective. However, with guide and direction the young athletes could thrive.

I am a qualified personal trainer specialised in young athletes performance and development. I started performance training with fencers (I have been a fencing coach for over 20 years) 5 years ago focusing on delivering general and sport specific training through private lessons. I also organise training days for groups. 

Strength & Conditioning, Agility and Reaction Trainings, just to mention a few, needs to be part of the young athletes training plan. Most of the time coaches are overwhelmed and try to do all within 1 hour long session, including sport specific technical and tactical training. But. All coaches know the time they can spare to improve all the skills is not enough to improve and develop. The athletes need extra, specific training.


This is I can offer. I believe in chances and support. I believe in achievements come in different shapes and sizes. There is no one method for everyone, but every single young athlete deserves a chance to find their potential and the way they can achieve it.

Coach of Performance Training
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